PEC Ltd.

'Pressure Equipment Consultancy ltd.'
is an engineering company specialised
in oil & gas and process pressure equipment

What we do?

PEC ltd provides optimum engineering solutions
This is accomplished by helping the client to solve their problem
more efficiently within the required budget and time frame
in the most cost-efficient manner

How we do it

We accomplish our work using the experience gained over
the time, and by implementing international and national
codes, standards and legislations

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Cost Efficient

We make sure that our work is kept under a reasonable budget that satisfies both the client and the service provider. This reassures that both sides are gaining the benefits of not spending excessing amounts of money or going over their pre-planned budget

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Time Keeping

Time keeping is a very important part of our service in which we take very seriously. We make sure that we meet the deadlines and always deliver our full potential. Therefore making the project more organised and very consistent

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Problem Solving

Problem solving is a very difficult task to do at certain points of a project but we have intelligent people who are able to solve these problems efficiently and with less hassle

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